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    • January 27, 2013

      Salad in a Jar Initiative launch next week.


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      We have a heavy focus at Jessie’s Juice Bar on initiatives that support sustainable living and work practices. This is reflected in almost all aspects of what Jessie does at the Juice Bar. We get local produce from our farmers for juicing and to use it in our salads and wraps. We use the pulp bi-product from juicing to make our famous dehydrated crackers and wraps and offer them as nutritious and gluten free alternatives. What we do not use goes back to the farmers for composting, as well and the coffee grinds from our amazing Panther Coffee. So you can see if done right, a business can find ways to lessen the impact on the planet and operate sustainably and responsibly. 

      A big part of that is reducing throw away waste and packaging. We have been using fully compostable straws and cups made from cornstarch for juices and smoothies since the get go and also now offer the re-usable barista standard KeepCups for coffee (also great for tea and other hot/cold drinks) to reduce the use of disposable paper cups. We are very excited to also add salads in reusable jars – put down a deposit and simply bring back to us either to get your money back or exchange for the next salad in a jar. A simple, sustainable, grab and go option that allows you to enjoy a healthy lunch at the same time! What more can you ask for?? Come in and find out more about our Salad in a Jar program and get on board the clean and healthy living train! 


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